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A jar full of love

I made this jar with the help of camlin highlighter and black multiliner pen.

1. First of all made the jar and draw the hearts with the help of black multiliner.

2. Fill the color with the highlighters or any other colors you want like watercolor, pencil colors,crayons etc.but as per my suggestion it’s better to use neon highlighters to give an opaque look.

Watercolor background calligraphy

Calligraphy is the visual art related to writing.

There are so many things you can do with watercolor background.


1.paint brush

2.watercolor pallete

3.white paper/watercolor paper/ drawing paper



1. Take a white paper.

2. Spread the water with the help of paint brush on it.

3. Choose a color which you like(color consistency shouldn’t be dense) and spread all over on the water you spread on the paper.

4. Let it air dry.

5. Write the lines or words you like to do.


Huda liquid matte lipstick💄

I bought this from nykaa app. And I personally so obsessed with this red liquid Matte lipstick. It is long lasting and give an opaque look.👄

INR: 1,650/-

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How to use:

1. Prepare your lips: To improve consistency of application,gently exfoliate with a lip scrub.

2. Lip liner: use huda contour matte pencil and fade towards the center.

3. Apply: Apply thin layer of liquid matte lipstick and allow approximately 30 seconds for color to set and for opaque finish.

Doodle art for doodlers

Doodles are very simple to draw.only pencil/pen and notebooks…you can make great artwork just by doodling.

1.Doodling keeps your brain occupied

While doodling,your brain works using three different styles:visual,kinesthetic & auditory.

2. Improves memory

Doodling things will help us remember better by creating a visual the next time you think you will forget something,try to doodling it instead of listening it out.studies show that doodlers have 30% more memory when compared to non-doodlers.

3. Relieve stress

Doodling can provide relief to psychological distress.

4. Improves creativity

One doodle can help you generate dozen of new ideas.There is no fear of mistakes.

5. You can doodle anything

There are no restrictions on what to can doodle anything whatever is closets to your or things you love.

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