Doodle art for doodlers

Doodles are very simple to draw.only pencil/pen and notebooks…you can make great artwork just by doodling.

1.Doodling keeps your brain occupied

While doodling,your brain works using three different styles:visual,kinesthetic & auditory.

2. Improves memory

Doodling things will help us remember better by creating a visual the next time you think you will forget something,try to doodling it instead of listening it out.studies show that doodlers have 30% more memory when compared to non-doodlers.

3. Relieve stress

Doodling can provide relief to psychological distress.

4. Improves creativity

One doodle can help you generate dozen of new ideas.There is no fear of mistakes.

5. You can doodle anything

There are no restrictions on what to can doodle anything whatever is closets to your or things you love.

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Maybelline x gigihadid jetsetter palette

This limited edition Gigi hadid jetsetter palette has all the beauty essentials you need to look selfie ready.The palette includes two concealers, two lip balm,four eyeshadows,one blush,one contour,one highlighter, one mini colossal mascara and two brushes.

How to use:

1. Conceal: Mix shade if needed and apply.

2. Contour: Use bronzer and the highlighter for contouring.

3. Lips: Use fingers to apply balm.

4. Brows: Use thin end of brush to fill brows.

5. Eyeshadow: Use thick end of brush to apply eyeshadow.

6. Lashes: Apply mascara.

Thank you to Gigi hadid for launching this traveling makeup kit.❤❤

Watercolor paintings

Watercolor paintings were discovered in cave paintings of Paleolithic Europe and have been used to illustrate ancient manuscripts.Paintings with watercolor may be easy to do



1. Tape the edges of the paper with the help of paper tape. Wet the entire paper by dipping your brush in water and lightly stroking across the page

2. Select the colors you desire for this painting.

3. Immerse your brush in the color and spread it on the wet paper.don’t wash the can try new color without washing the brush if you want soft transition.

4. Create a design.

5. You can use black color for the design.

6. If you are beginner,you can do it with only background. Then try to do pattern on it if you are good enough to do.

Here is some of my wetwash paintings:


Stone art

We would surely agree that stones and rocks are few of the most unnoticed material in the world. We’d see them everywhere; in the beach, in the forest, in the park and any Random places.we don’t really mind them.some of these stones have the unique shapes,size,texture that are perfect for useful crafts at home.

I’m gonna show you some of my stone arts.

It’s very easy to make stone arts.


1. Watercolor

2. Stones

3. Paint brush

4. Water

Follow the steps given below here:

1. First of all choose any color which you want.

2. deep the paint brush in it.

3. Take a stone in one hand.

4. Paint the color on the stone.

5. Let it be dry.

6. Draw design which you like to do.

7. Again let it be dry.

Your stone art is ready.👧🙈

Facts about Taylor Swift


Hello everyone!! Today I’m gonna share with you Taylor Swift’s facts

1. Reputation

Reputation is one of only 4 albums in history to hit #1 in 100 countries, with 107 countries total.For perspective iTunes is only available in 120 countries.

2. 1989 album

1989 has only been on Spotify less than a year and it’s the most streamed female album.”Taylor swift is the music industry “a diamond album,10x GRAMMY winner,the only artist to have 4 albums pass 1M in a week

3. Red album

The RED album debuted at #1 on the billboard 200 chart and remained there for 7 non-consecutive weeks.

4. Fearless

Taylor bought her fearless album at the Hendersonville, Tennessee Walmart at midnight

5. Speak now

Speak Now had a dramatic start, after the lead single “Mine” was leaked two weeks before it was due for release.


Gigihadid x Maybelline

Hey guys!!!a very good morning to all.

So today I’m gonna share with you my Maybelline collection of Gigi hadid.

Bold as the city itself is Gigi Hadid’s signature nude lip and fierce cat eye. If you ❤️ NY, then you’ll heart this. makeup collection.

I have always believed that great makeup doesn’t have to cost a fortune,” Gigi says about the line. “I was empowered to create something that I couldn’t find before, while also making sure it was a full set at an affordable price.”

(From top to bottom: Erin, Taura, McCall, Austyn, Khair, Lani)

The lipsticks glided smoothly when I applied them. The formula is highly pigmented and even a single swipe is enough to give it an opaque coat of colour. While the formula claims to be creamy matte, I’d say they lean towards a creamy satin finish rather than a matte. Once I applied them, they sat comfortably on my lips but did transfer to cups and spoons. By the end of the day, most of the colour was still intact but the soft sheen and lipstick from inside of the lips had faded. None of them have any fragrance, which is preferable if you have sensitive skin and are each priced at INR 550.